After keeping GST*RS fees at the same rate for the last 4 years, increases in studio and hall hire meant that we had to amend our fees from September 2017.  Please note that classes held at Little Chishill operate on a different fee structure to the main school.  Please contact GST*RS for more info.


Those students who attend more than one class will receive a 5% discount on their fees.

GST*RS would really like to encourage students to take up a wide range of genres of dance and performing arts as we feel it aids key motor development with co-ordination, agility,
flexibility and helps with confidence and self–esteem.  It also makes a more versatile dancer for those wishing to pursue a more formal career in dance and each genre compliments the other in so many ways.  We ask that every student from Grade 3 and above Modern takes up Ballet to help with the correct dancer’s stance and the quality of movement that Ballet offers.

Dance and Musical Theatre
30 minute Class - £49.50 per term
45 minute Class – £57.75 per term
60 minute Class - £64.90 per term


Acro Classes

£66.00 per term

Private Singing Lessons - Miss Hayley Faulkner

30 minute class - £137.50 per term

If paying per term, a 5% discount will be applied; if paying per class, payment must be made in advance and 24-hours notice of cancellation is required please otherwise the fee is payable

Private Dance Lesson - Miss Georgina Wootten
30 minute class - £22.00 per lesson
60 minute class - £45.00 per lesson

If a block of 6 lessons is booked in advance there will be a 5% discount applied on the total cost

Invoices will be sent out prior to the term starting and there will be a 30 day deadline in which to pay the fees.  


Please note that we require half a term's written notice of leaving a class and/or the school.  If insufficient notice is given, half a term's fees will be payable in lieu.

GStars Fees