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Modern Theatre Dance develops a secure foundation building rhythmical movement, isolations, turns, leaps, travelling sequences and exciting dance combinations combined with artistry and musicality.  It incorporates a variety of different styles, including jazz, lyrical, contemporary, blues, hip-hop and much more! Modern as a genre has the ability to adapt, develop and evolve with the changing fashion in dance, thus helping to create versatile dancers who have an all-round ability.

The movements are expansive and dynamic.  Basic exercises develop line, pattern and direction, increase strength, develop flexibility and improve core stability, which in turn secures technique.  Performance and projection are enhanced and a well-toned body is ensured.

Modern dance uses emotions and deliberate sense of suspension, weight and relaxation with a good use of gravity.

Modern Theatre Dance Classes are held in Royston

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**BRAND NEW** Tots Class - Little Chishill

GSTARS is delighted to add a BRAND NEW Tots Class to the timetable at Little Chishill.  The class will run from 3.15pm-3.45pm on Thursdays, starting on 23rd February 2017.  Come along for some fun, music and dance!!

Start Spreading The News...GSTARS is heading to New York!!

GSTARS have been invited to perform right in the heart of the Big Apple - at the beautiful and historic New York Town Hall Theatre, located on 43rd Street, where Times Square meets Broadway!  An unbelievably exciting opportunity to visit a unique place and perform on a world-famous stage.